Infested with zombies that await you just outside the safe haven of the compound. As the zombies close in on the compound, your only chances for survival are to enter the quarantine area and escape to the safe zone.

To get to the safe zone you will have to traverse through the many challenging obstacles that lay ahead, all while being chased by the hordes of zombies! From the minute you enter our world you will be captivated and feel as though you are stepping into a zombie movie, it's up to you how it ends...


Zombie Rush is a 5k mud obstacle challenge and zombie immersion chase, filled with hordes of the undead to chase after you. When we say full immersion that means participating in a heart pounding, non-stop, and action packed adrenalized experience, that will take you on a one of a kind trip navigating through the post-apocalyptic aftermath. Touted as one of the most exciting, safest and well organized races out there!

The chase starts in the compound area from our signature start line, comprised in real apocalyptic fashion from metal shipping containers. It is protected from the zombie infested quarantine zone by barricades of chain link fence, tires, pallets and whatever else our team finds.

There are two types of runs, The Zombie 5K run only and the Zombie mud/obstacle run. Check locations for type of run.

Zombie Rush 5k Mud/Obstacle Run-Your objective is to traverse through the apocalyptic aftermath and zombie zones, which will be scattered with many challenging and exciting obstacles, but won’t be insanely difficult. The zombies will be in the chase zones and this is where you will have to sprint, dodge, jump, and roll or do your best zombies juke! You will have health flags that the zombies really, really, really want! Finish the race with at least one health flag and earn the coveted “Survivor Medal”. Lose all your flags and you will have one chance to gain a health flag back at our revive station, but it won’t be easy. Finish with no health flags, you are considered infected and receive no medal. Not all is lost though, we will still give you a really cool Zombie Rush t-shirt for your effort and there’s that awesome apocalypse after party, which only Zombie Rush knows how to throw!
Zombie Rush 5k Run only- This version offers the same great experience as its counterpart, but without the mud and obstacles. Lets face it, during a zombie apocalypse some will avoid all obstacles and just run from the zombies. If that’s you, then this version of the run is for you!


The compound will be surrounded with chain link fence to keep out the undead. This is your safe haven from the zombies, where the fun starts and continues after your chase experience ends. We will have our in house D.J. spinning hot fresh tunes for you all day! Enjoy our great food vendors, beverages and after party. This is ground zero for the “Zombie Invasion Show” exclusive to Zombie Rush Race only. There will be lots to do and see in the zombie themed compound. Bring your camera because you will not want to miss the many cool props, signs and vehicles in our venue. There will also be a few Zombies and Zombie Hunters to take pictures with in and around the venue.


Enjoy our activity filled venue while jamming out to the beats of our in house D.J., straight out of Miami! This crew can definitely bring the party when it comes to music and spinning the latest and greatest. No other race throws an after party like Zombie Rush.


ATTENTION! There will be a breach in the perimeter fence by incoming zombies at sometime during the day! Listen for the emergency broadcast followed by the zombie sirens. This is sure to send chills down your spine as a live horde of zombies spill into the compound area and move swiftly toward their human targets…you. Not to worry, our Zombie Response Team will be alerted and respond to the invasion not a minute too soon. Stand back and enjoy the show as they take down the horde of zombies and save your hide!  You really want to have your cameras out for this one. Note: all spectators will be ushered behind a safe line. This is a live performance, which involves large moving vehicles, special effects smoke and a cast of actors. (If you are interested in being a zombie actor in this live performance show for free, please contact Brian at (

(Not all locations will offer the Zombie Invasion Show; it is dependent upon approval of local parks and permits).





Zombie Rush relies on its volunteers for help with the many different functions of the race. Volunteers that complete their assigned shifts will be given free entry as a participant or zombie in the race and all post race activities. Volunteer shifts very depending on what job description you sign-up for.


If you want to become part of this awesome event by volunteering, please contact us at







In the event of inclement weather such as lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, excessive wind, hail and the like, Ultimate Combatant reserves the right to eliminate obstacles, select portions of the course, or cancel the event in order to ensure the safety of participants, volunteers and staff. If the event is cancelled, all runners will have the opportunity to race for free at a rescheduled event or at any of our other future races. There will be no refund for cancelations due to inclement weather conditions. Ultimate Combatant will make every effort to reschedule events and provide options for various venues to meet these needs. Tickets may also be transferred to another name if participant chooses.


All ticket purchases are final and refunds will not be given, all sales are final. Tickets may be transferred to another name or you can keep the credit for the future race.